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ASIC Controller

The easyMINE ASIC controller brings your Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and Ethereum miners* into your easyMINE online dashboard for simple and convenient configuration, monitoring, and management:


  • Pool selection
  • Overclocking frequency


  • Miner statistics
  • Pool statistics
  • Hardware statistics
  • ASIC health status


  • Automatic device detection
  • One-click control
  • Tagging, grouping, and search
* Bitmain S/T, L, D, and E series Antminers are currently supported.
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Remote Resetter

Unresponsive mining rigs at a remote location? Not a problem any more!

The easyMINE resetter puts you back in control, no matter how far from your mine you happen to be.

Shut down or restart “frozen” machines with just a few mouse clicks, directly from your easyMINE online dashboard!


  • Remote power control of attached mining rigs: hard reset, hard shutdown, power on
  • Automatic controller detection and registration
  • Quick and easy point-and-click setup
  • Full integration into the easyMINE dashboard
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