Plug & Mine

All the necessary software comes preinstalled and preconfigured, and your hardware is detected and set up automatically.

One Dash to Rule Them All

All your mining equipment—GPU rigs, ASIC miners*, peripheral devices—monitored and managed from a single online dashboard.
* External hardware controller required for ASIC support.

More Control, Less Hassle

Use simple or advanced overclocking features, modify and flash the VBIOS, then bulk-apply optimized settings to all GPUs of the same type.

Detailed Information

At-a-glance mine overview, up to 30 days of status summary, per-component performance data, event history, warnings, and more.

Advanced Tagging and Grouping

Label and categorize your hardware any way you want. Send commands or apply config presets to entire groups of devices with no effort.

Persistent GPU Configuration

Moving a GPU from one rig to another? No need to reenter all the settings. Its configuration will follow it to the new machine!

External Controller Support

Restart unresponsive rigs with the remote resetter and bring ASIC miners into your dashboard with the ASIC controller (sold separately).

Frequent updates

We are constantly adding new features and functionalities—so that you can run your mine exactly the way you want.

Online technical support

Questions or problems? Just let us know and our tech support team will happily assist you in any way they can.