The Idea

easyMINE is a complete, self-contained software platform for cryptocurrency mining. It is designed to make the entire process of setting up and managing your own mine as intuitive and straightforward as possible. Whether you’re a complete cryptocoin newbie or a seasoned blockchain veteran, you will appreciate the ease of use, control, and convenience easyMINE offers.




A simple and convenient tool to easily build and run your own mining machine. No specialized knowledge is necessary.

Ready to use

A complete, immediately usable solution, requiring no manual configuration. Both the hardware and software are set up and optimized automatically.


The intelligent, self-learning system continuously monitors the equipment and dynamically adjust its operating parameters.


Full operation history, coupled with energy usage metrics, helps to assess and increase the profitability of the mine.


Running a cryptocurrency mine—big or small—is no easy thing. Just getting the hardware to run can be quite a challenge.
Getting it to run well takes some real effort and know-how. Keeping it running—let’s just say that’s a whole other ballgame.
Constant supervision, updates, adjustments, repairs... Even a single mining rig can mean a lot of work, to say nothing of few dozen.

easyMINE aims to make the entire process—from initial setup to everyday operation—simple, automatic, and completely hassle-free.

With easyMINE, you’ll be able to start mining cryptocurrencies in just 3 easy steps:

Download the easyMINE OS
package to a flash drive

Plug the flash drive into
your mining machine

Boot it up!

The easyMINE operating system will automatically configure all the hardware and software components for maximum stability, efficiency, and profitability. You’ll be able to remotely monitor the status of your mining machines and adjust their settings directly from the easyMINE dashboard. Even with no physical access to the hardware, you will always be informed and in control thanks to easyMINE!


The easyMINE platform consists of the following modules:

easyMINE OS (eMOS):

A custom Linux distribution optimized specifically towards cryptocurrency mining. Includes all necessary system components, GPU drivers, pre-installed mining software for a variety of currencies, and an easyMINE script package for hardware management and communication with the easyMINE server. Developed under an open source license.

easyMINE Server:

The main module of the platform. Controls the operation of individual mining machines. Relies on AI-based performance optimization algorithms to adjust hardware settings (BIOS version, core voltage, clock frequency, etc.) and mining parameters (currency, pool, etc.). Collects performance data and makes it available to users.

easyMINE Dashboard:

Administrative module. An online configuration and management interface, accessible via web browser. Enables remote monitoring of and control over mining machines connected to the easyMINE server.

easyMINE Mobile:

Administrative module. A dedicated mobile application for iOS and Android devices. Allows for remote management of mining machines connected to the easyMINE server.

Additional, minor modules may be developed to support additional functionalities dependent on special-purpose hardware (e.g. remote hard reset).


We’re drawing on our previous experience with machine learning and data mining to create an AI-driven system that constantly monitors and improves its own performance. All hardware and software settings are recorded, analyzed, and dynamically adjusted in such a way as to maintain peak efficiency under all operating conditions. What’s more, two-way communication with a central knowledge base ensures that “lessons” learned from any mining machine running the easyMINE OS can be applied to other units sharing the same or similar hardware configuration. The result: increased hash rates, better cost-effectiveness, and improved stability.

easyMINE will provide:

Automatic setup of your mining equipment:

● hardware configuration (including BIOS selection
and flashing, and timings adjustment)

● operating system configuration

● mining software configuration

Comprehensive mine management solution:

● detailed hardware monitoring (for both entire machines and individual cards)

● complete operating history and performance analysis

● automated emergency response:

● automatic modification of operating parameters

● malfunction notifications

● profitability control and report generation

Continuous performance optimization:

● dynamic adjustment of hardware and software configuration

● automatic selection of currencies to mine

● automatic selection of mining pools to join

● automatic wallet management

● automatic cryptocurrency exchange and depositing


The development plan outlined below is very conservative.
Our team is already working on the system and we are positive that easyMINE will be launched soon!

Q3 2017

Beta version of the easyMINE OS, including inventory management functionalities. Web-based administration dashboard.

Q4 2017

Beta version of the automatic configuration functionality.

Q1 2018

Beta version of the automatic mining functionality.

Q2 2018

Core-feature version of the eMOS operating system (general access, free of charge)

Q3/Q4 2018

Mobile application. Full-featured version of the eMOS system.

2019 and onwards

Further development of the platform according to user needs.


We're taking easyMINE on the road! Throughout this fall we'll be showcasing the project at several blockchain-related events all over Europe. Want to meet the easyMINE team, learn more about the platform, and get answers to your questions?
Look for us at:

DeCenter CryptoEvent

Moscow, Russia
Central Exhibition Complex "Expocenter"
March 27−28, 2018


Gdańsk, Poland
Centrum Stocznia Gdańska
April 13, 2018

BlockShow Europe

Berlin, Germany
Estrel Hotel & Congress Center
May 28-29, 2018

The Bitcoin, Ethereum & Blockchain SuperConference II

Dallas, TX
Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center
September 14-16, 2018


The people behind easyMINE are a diverse, international group. The core of the team hails from Poland
(developing software at GRUPA IT), but the project also involves participants from several other countries.

Join us!

Are you interested in blockchain technology? Would you like to be a part of a challenging but rewarding project? Do you think easyMINE could benefit from your contribution? Contact us today!

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